My computer crashes when i try and use Widows Media Player

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"My computer crash and restarts whenever I use windows media player, particularly on videos. However, the worst scenario here was when after my computer restarts, saying that my computer has recovered from a serious error.

It says: D:DOCUME`1mikelocals`1tempWER580e.dir00mini123106-

What is the focal problem here?

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My computer crashes when i try and use Widows Media Player


I'm a  relatively a new comer but found this whilst I had problems with  my Media player 11. I am providing the solution of how I got the things resolved.

I come to realize that the issue could be with my profile as the issue persisted even after  uninstalling, and reinstalling. I even understood that one cannot remove the library completely by uninstalling it .

The following actions will total remove all the library resulting in rebuilding the same from zero.

The example I am providing would be making use of  C:/ drive which would be acting as my home drive which has Windows Operating systems installed.

Before proceeding, please double check to have the setting for showing the hidden files and system files .

First stop all the media sharing processes. To accomplish this press the combination of  CTRL, ALT & DELETE  and proceed to the processes tab .Next sort the list by Image name.

After this, Scroll down to  the letter 'W' and halt  all the processes starting with the words “wmp”. Usually there are 3 or 4 such ones. There will be pop up screens prompting whether you would like to stop the process. Kindly click yes to all of the screens.

Following this, GOTO C:Documents and Settingsuser_nameLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftMedia Player in explorer.
Change  the file Currentdatabase_***.wmdb. to Currentdatabase_***.bak (*** being the library version mine was 360.)

As part of the procedure, I too have deleted files in this location..

You would see that the library is blank once the media player is restarted. In order not to return to the issue, please make sure to remove all the library directories in the library that is being.

In my case, I was fortunate to know the culprit would be an AVI file and I removed the specified directory from my library. I consider Codecs  as a nightmare as far as WMP11 is concerned and I convert all of my avi’s to WMV with the help of VLC.

Please go to this link to get step by step procedures for conversion using VLC.I have done this to get streaming working on my favorite Xbox 360.The whole conversion took around 20 minutes for the approximate 2 hour movie.

Hope this helps.

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