My computer cannot access my DVD Drive

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While I was surfing the net, I accidentally opened a site that contains malware. My anti virus is outdated,since it came as a pre installed program  when I bought my laptop.

I did not buy a legal and premium anti virus since I don't usually use my computer. And I only use this to communicate with my family and friends outside the country. 

While searching on Google, I opened a site that has malicious content. Without knowing that I been hit by a malware virus. My system suddenly slows down, and display repeated error message.

I cannot even shut it down or restart it. And even if I'm not surfing the web, there is a continues pop up message that appears on my screen. I was about to reformat my laptop because I don't know anyone who can lend me an original anti virus disk. When I inserted the disk in my DVD, my computer did not read it. 

There is no drive for DVD on My Computer window. Normally, when I insert any disk, an Auto Play box will pop out. But this time, I did not see anything on my screen and I don't know how to open it. How can I possibly reformat my computer even without the recovery disk? I am thinking that this error may be because of the malware virus I got. Please help…


Compaq Presario C300

Windows XP Home Edition 32-Bit OS




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My computer cannot access my DVD Drive


If you cannot access the DVD drive of your computer then you can try the following things. You can try to install a new driver for your driver. You can download the latest driver for the DVD drive of your computer from the website of the manufacturer of your computer.

Before installing the new version of the driver you must first uninstall the old driver from the computer. For uninstalling the old driver, you can click on the start button and then you can select the control panel. From the control panel you can select the device manager. In the device manager you can see a list of devices which are installed on your computer.

From the list you can select the DVD drive. You can right click on the DVD drive and then you can select the uninstall device driver. This will uninstall the device driver for the DVD drive from your computer. After uninstalling the device driver from the computer you can restart your computer.

You can then install the new version of the DVD driver by double clicking on the installation program that you downloaded from the internet. After installing the driver you can check whether the drive is working properly. If it is working then you can insert the recovery disk and then reformat the computer.

Another option for you is that you can try to format the computer using the pen-drive. You can copy the files to your pen-drive and then you can try to boot from the pen-drive. You can insert the pen-drive into the USB port and then you can restart your computer. Then you can press escape button or the F2 button on your computer to open the bios settings.

From the bios settings you can select the advanced boot options. In the advanced boot options you can select the boot device as pen-drive. Then you can press enter. So now your computer will boot from the pen-drive. You can now format your computer to remove the virus from the computer.

You can also try to boot the windows in safe mode. For booting it in safe mode you can restart your computer and then press the escape or F2 button to access the bios settings of your computer. In the bios settings you can access the advanced boot options and then select the safe mode. You can then check whether your DVD drive can be accessed.

You may also use the fixit software that is available on the Microsoft website. You can run the software and diagnose the problems of your computer if any problems where found then it will automatically try to fix it.

Another option is to edit the registry. Before editing the registry you should make a back-up of the registry. For that you can select the start button and then in the search box you can enter the word regedit and you can press enter.

Then you can select the key or the sub key that you want to edit and then in the file menu you can select the export option. You can then save the file in any location you want.

After that you can again open the regedit and then you can open the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerCD BurningDrives. You can then click the volume folder. You can then double click the drive type. You can then enter 1 if it is read only drive or 2 if it is read/write drive.

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My computer cannot access my DVD Drive


Hi Davewilson.. uninstall it from the device manager and reboot and windows will reinstall

lenovo have a good download section with all the drivers,including the restore disks. I downloaded them last week and burned to disk for future use

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My computer cannot access my DVD Drive


Hi derrick, I used a USB flash to reformat my pc. Thank you for giving me suggestions to try. Till next time.

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