My Central Processing Unit or Processor is down

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Please help me solve my problem. My processor is down. Earlier today, I used my computer to play CD. After that, I just log on to my facebook and then shutdown my computer after using it. Few hours after using my computer, I decided to turn it on to do something on the net but It won't turn on. No light, no fan, nothing! I can turn on my monitor but not the CPU. I checked all the wires, sockets, etc.. if they are connected to my CPU and they are all okay. I have not done anything wrong. Please let me know if someone already experienced something like this. I want to know the reason why it happened and what do I have to do to solve my problem. Thank a lot.



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My Central Processing Unit or Processor is down


Hi Glenn,

I would advice that you check your extension cable,maybe the port where the power cable is plugged is dead. Otherwise, if all the cables are well connected and it still does not work, I will advice that you open the system unit and check the cables that connect the fan, the processor, the powerbox and the hard disk drive. Check to ensure that none of them is hanging or loosely attached. If you are not sure about how to got about the process, please consult because you may end up mixing up the cables which will create more problems.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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My Central Processing Unit or Processor is down


Hi glenn, you said there is no light and no fan running this majorly points towards the problem with the power issue so that CPU aint getting any power to boot.

Do these things,

1)      Use monitors power cord and check if it’s giving power to CPU.

2)       Vice versa check CPU’s power cord by attaching it to monitor so that you can know if power cord is working or not.

3)      Clean up the ram and refit it again

4)      Problem can be due to SMPS failure also so talk with technician if he can repair it or else you will need to buy new one.

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