My CD Burner got Jammed

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I'm not really into computers so I needed some help.

My CD Burner jammed and I cannot get the disc I inserted.

How will I get the CD inside?

Do i have to open my system unit to get?

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My CD Burner got Jammed


Hey Yannie!

Its sounds like a hardware problem. But do not worry i have a solution for you problem. For this purpose you just need a needle.

Now what to do with DVD burner is very simple. On your DVD Burner you will see a small whole above the Eject Button. Insert the needle in the whole and push it slowly. Keep pushing it until the DVD burner comes out.

You will be able to use your DVD Rom or DVD Burner once again.

I hope that it will help you a lot in opening your DVD Burner.


Tunacao Caaron

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My CD Burner got Jammed


Hi there , 

It seems while writing your CD got jammed and you cant eject it out. 

No , No you don't have to open the case and all . Or you don't need any hard tools or even no screw driver is required.

You just need a safety pin or thumb pin .

1. You can see a small hole (just the diameter of a pin) lying near to the eject button or the LED notifications) 

2.Just simply put the pin into it in straight and then press gently .

3. You can see the drive ejects .

4. Now pull the drive to fully open it .

5. Take out the disk. 

This is a authorized or Genuine method of removal , You wont loose any warranty by doing this while if you open the case pull out the drive and disc assembly it then you will surly loose both the PC warranty and also the CD drive warranty.  

Good luck.

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My CD Burner got Jammed


Wow Lesten,

I was amaze.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

Never expected it works that way I really get to learn cool stuffs here in techyv.

Thanks again.

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My CD Burner got Jammed


Hi Yannie ,

Happy that my solution worked for you. 

Post if any more problems you have.

We are happy to help you.

Good luck

IT Expert 
Lesten Pasio.

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