My Brother printer stopped printing anything; it says “unable to print 4f”

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I have a Brother printer and it does not print anything then it gives me "unable to print 4f".

Unplugging it for a few minutes used to work but lately it does not help anymore.

Any advice?

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My Brother printer stopped printing anything; it says “unable to print 4f”

                       4F message indicates that the print head is dead, you may have to be compelled to replace it to create it work once more. Before you replace it, you will wish to undertake this, see if it'll take away the unable error message.
1. Access the interior maintenance mode by pressing the Menu/Set button,
2. Then press 2 8 6 4 among two seconds, this could place you within the maintenance mode menu.
3. Enter 80, Scroll down using the arrow down (round) key,  you will find an entry listed as purge count.
4. If range is over 6000, enter 2 7 8 3,  this may reset the purge count price.
  Then the printer can restart, hopefully while not the annoying error message.
These steps can also help:
1) Right click the my laptop icon 
2) Click properties and then click hardware n head to device manager.
3) Uninstall all the usb slots and scan for hardware changes.
4) Your laptop can detect your printer and raise for printer drivers. 
5) Reload drivers and your laptop that can communicate together with your printer.
6) For reloading, install the cd, then follow the directions on the screen and click on next.
7) When the printer is loaded, restart it and connect the wires and cords properly.

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