Apple Macbook stop working after using

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Hi There,

I'm using Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz Processor with 2GB Ram. Yesterday after working on my MacBook for eight hours I turned off my Mac and today when I tried to turn it on, at work, it doesn't turn on.

I tried several times to turn it on, but failed. Whenever I tried to turn it on, a sound comes from my Mac and only the sleep light blinks.

All my research works are on my Mac. 

I'm in great trouble. Please someone give me a solution.



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Apple Macbook stop working after using


Hi Yesmin,

Because you have worked for 8 hours, there is a possibility that you may have selected a different option other than turn off on your MacBook.   If that’s the case or even if it’s something else, then I have a list of some troubleshooting steps you can easily perform:

  • Check that the power cord is correctly plugged into a working wall outlet and that the power adapter is properly connected to the side or the back of your MacBook
  • Try to plug a different power cord and/or a different power adapter and see if your MacBook starts up
  • If that doesn’t work, try removing the battery and then power up your MacBook (if this works, please replace your battery)
  • Disconnect all other cords and cables on your MacBook.  Just connect the power adapter and power cord properly and see if this works
  • If the problem persists, try to press down on the power button and hold until the lights on your MacBook starts flashing.  Once you see this happening, let go of the power button.

Hope this solves your problem.

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Apple Macbook stop working after using


First it can be a problem of power failure and secondly it may be due to the battery disabled. You can check both conditions if the battery is down then you can recharge it or replace it with a new one. If the sound coming is a new sound which you'er never hear during your regular use then there is a fault in your MacBook you can locate the fault and try to recover it. It must be a hardware problem so check all the hardware of the PC.

To check where the problem is located you can also follow these steps:

If you have an external power supply adapter then plug it to board and see that it is getting hot it will mean it is working you can also check the light which may be on it but most of them have not you  can check it by hand.

Secondly check where the problem occurs if the screen shows something during boot then try to follow those steps.

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