My after effects program is having an issue with the client.

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Does anyone know how to set this error right and what causes it?

Is it something to do with the client software installed on my pc? 

Do I have to download some files for it to work and don’t encounter that anymore?

Please help me with this one.


After Effects error: client induced error

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Thank you very much.

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My after effects program is having an issue with the client.



If in your computer you install some similar application program in a same time then uninstall one program, this problem occurs. Similar application share similar file they have and uninstall one program can take that similar file with it. So this error shows. Repair this software or uninstall and reinstall can be helpful.

So, one option is first uninstall your application program and then install the others application program. This will skip collusion.

Other option is you may need to install plug-in. You can easily find this plug-in on internet. Installing missing plug-in will solve this problem. You can also visit for find missing plug-in.

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