A Must Have App For Ipad 3 Users

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Which applications would you recommend for every guy to have on their iPad 3 as “a must have application” if I am to have only seven applications on my iPad 3? What are the distinct features of each application and how significant are these apps as compared to the numerous applications developed by iPhone apps developers?

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A Must Have App For Ipad 3 Users


The following are the awaiting recommended seven “must have application” that you seek to download and use on your iPad 3. The Dropbox application designed for both iPhone and iPad is the first one I will talk about. 63.3MB is the size of the 4.0 version. With Dropbox, it makes it easy to back up all kinds of files as pictures, documents, videos, audios, etc. from your iPad 3. Huge files besides smaller files stored up on Dropbox can be sent to any person with or without a Dropbox Account located any part of the world without limitations (even on every desired device).

The features of the Dropbox are:

• It has a simple interface

• Ability to create plus editing Microsoft Office files from your iPhone or iPad

• It automatically backs up every file regarding your selection

• When sending huge sized files say via email, Dropbox offers links which leads to these files without necessarily using electronic mail attachments

• One is able to access his backed up files offline

• You can also look for files viewed recently as well as stored for offline access from the Spotlight

             The second one on the list is the Facebook Application. This app offers you the chance to link up with friends on the largest social network platform. Facebook is an important app worth downloading and having for linking up with business partners, family members and also gaining new acquaintances and companions. It likewise lets you to share invites, photos, videos, ideas and opinions, and so on with people on the social network platform. Today’s marketing is taking advantage of such Social network platforms like Facebook to spread or extend their businesses, advertise their wares as well as create a brand for themselves electronically. These and many more are the benefits one get as having such an app as Facebook. This app is designed for both iPhones and iPads. The ability to have group and individual conversations, being alerted as friends like and make comments on posts of others and that of yours also. Being capable to hold up with fellow workers, families and friends, business associates faster than you can think of as well as playing games either as a group or individual besides using favourite applications of yours among others are some other features of Facebook apps worth knowing.

               The following app is the IMDb which is also currently the most celebrated as well as the important source for celebrity content, movies and videos. This app offers users over 3 million titles of films and entertainment programmes, TV titles not forgetting the over 6 million famous casts and crew members. This application is not designed only for iPads, but for iPod Touch and iPhones too. This app also assures users of the following features and benefits: Taking in the chance to recognise more and also watching latest DVD releases, the latest entertainment news from over hundred media channels, accessing the latest info on forthcoming movies and film recording times at theatres and cinemas near you in addition to reviewing of every show telecasted the previous night-time Television Some of the other features are viewing titles or various captions in its original language in settings, supporting Spotlight, and so on. Believe you me that this is an amazing app worth having.

               Google Earth is the fourth app I will recommend for you. This app is free for the iPads by Google, which offers you the luxury to search and research locations which interest you by inputting in the name of your favourite location, such as New York, Cape Town, San Francisco, Rome, etc. in few seconds. In other words, this app is a complete global map which comes in handy, enabling you to search far and near cities and lands, businesses, as well as surveying roads, borders and boundaries, etc. on your iPad. With the Google Earth app, one can employ its features as a tour guidebook to locate not a barely interesting and new spots around the world but goes up a selection of virtual tours from around the universe. Download Google Earth for more exciting experience.

                Number five on my list is the AccuWeather application software keeps you posted with minute by minute weather forecasting by a low audible sound. This app assures you of world-class accuracy in weather forecasting in that when there is a harsh and critical weather condition like storms regarding say your favourite city or community and town, the app alerts to deliver you from threatening and risky weather conditions especially when you are travelling. These Up-to-date conditions are itemized as follows: location, temperature for the day, speed of the wind, times for sunset and sunrise. The app features give a summary of your local weather forecasting for the preceding three to five days. However, one can opt to customize the detailed notifications given regarding the present weather conditions. This app is also user friendly and easy to navigate.

               Guys cannot go without a game or two on his iPad 3 and therefore I would recommend the best sporting game app for you. The playing of games on the iPad is recent times is gaining more popularity and strength. The FiFA 15 Ultimate Team with its newest version of 1.5.5 is a new season featuring over ten thousand players form over 500 licensed teams along with football boots, balls, kits and players used during the 2015/2016 season. It also comes with over thirty popular real leagues and stadia around the world. This app features allow you to put into practice your managerial and coaching skills on the pitch and off the pitch. It comes with easy control buttons for beginners (known as Casual Control) and a classic control for experienced and expert gamers hence making it an exciting game app to play. The ability to manage your player’s skills and chemistry plays a vital and immense role on your match results. This is an online game app and therefore requires an internet connection to play. It is also connected or linked up with social networking sites. This is an EA Sports game with 1.28GB size with more than 12 languages.

                I cannot end this list without mentioning the WhatsApp Messenger by the WhatsApp Inc. even though is available for all smartphones including iPhones, I would say that this app offers you the luxury to send messages, as well as receive pictures, videos, and voice messages without paying any fee for such services irrespective of your location be it international or local. One of the latest features known as WhatsApp calling allows you to call colleagues, family members for free of charge irrespective of their location in any part of the world. This feature utilizes the internet connection of your device. Send and receive messages instantly from your web browser of your computer with the use of the WhatsApp Web app features. With this app, no need to worry your head of any username and password or pin because it literally works with your phone number and it syncs with your existing contact or phone book therefore giving you a quick connection with your contacts. It also saves messages and notifications you missed due to a turn off of your device till you open the app again to use.

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