Muscle System Program for Android?

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Hello and Good Day TechyV!

We know that Muscle System Pro III is a muscle system app found in most iOS devices. It is a program which allows the users to have an in depth look on the muscle system which is good for medical students, teachers and practitioners. It is just a cool and great application, don't you think so?

Do you think there is a similar muscle system program for android? Do you think, the creator of Muscle System Pro are willing to create this app for android phones? It will be great news for android user but may not be good for iPhone users. What do you think guys? 

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Muscle System Program for Android?




Hello Amarion,

I think that I found you applications available on android phones and tabs, which is similar to Muscle System Pro.

Visual Anatomy: 

Visual Anatomy is an educational tool which has few 3D models.

This application use is as a learning tool, and II think it is what you were looking for. Visual Anatomy link

A video tutorial

Easy Anatomy 3D

A simple way to obtain a good comprehension of the basics of human anatomy.

Moreover, you can zoom and you can have a panoramic view of all the models. Easy Anatomy 3D link

Learn muscles: Anatomy

It includes a punctuation guide for each muscle. Learn muscles : Anatomy link

You are not obliged to use Muscle System Pro and if it is not available on Android it means you cannot have this tool. These 3 applications are being made for medical studies and are similar to the application of IOS devices. 

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Muscle System Program for Android?



Maybe the creators of Muscle System Pro III are not very interested in creating a new, similar, application for Android, but there are already some applications in the Google Store that can help you get what you are looking for.

One example is Human Anatomy, which you can find here: Human Anatomy

It has a lot on information, not only on the Muscular System but on all the other systems aswell. Also, you may use the Visual Muscles 3D Application if you are interested exclusively in the Muscle System. You can find it here: Muscle System

Hope you found what you needed!


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