Multiplex operation halted on Windows XP Operating System

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I am using Windows XP Operating System but I am getting the error message saying Multiplex operation failed. I think there is a problem with video decoder. What can I do to fix this issue? Can you tell me the cause of this problem? I would be grateful to you if any suggestion will come from you as a solution. Thanks in advance.

Multiplex operation halted

Video decoder buffer underflowed 1 times.

Check c:muxman.log for details.

Resulting DVD will probably not play smoothly.

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Multiplex operation halted on Windows XP Operating System


Hi this type of error generally occurs due to following situation:

Buffer underflows are usually the result of setting your max video bitrate too high. If you are using CCE, lower the max bitrate and try again, This will solve your problem.

For more information or help check this site Video help

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