Multiplex operation halted and showed error

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I got this Multiplex Operation error message in which two or more activities are mixed and shows this problem. How can I perform these operations perfectly? Is there any way to fix this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any assistance.

Multiplex operation halted

Reference to non-existant scene “Segment_1_scn36” from PGC” VT501_TTL01_PGC1”

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Multiplex operation halted and showed error


Resolution 1:

You are getting that error most probably because you have cut  some time off the end of the elementary streams and now the timecodes do not extend to the final frame. If there is a tiny cell last chapter, it will now be non-existent. So in celltimes.txt, you will need to delete the last entry.

Resolution 2:

Instead of deleting the last line in celltimes.txt, you can also change the file in the muxman spreadsheet.



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