Multiple duplicates when moving memos in my email

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Hi, I need help for this one. I used to duplicate memos into several folders like I moved ‘sent’ memos into a folder then drag and drop it using the ‘move to folder’ icon that you can see in the toolbar. When I do it, I made such duplicates. I tried to delete the ‘sent memo’ from the mail section, both of the memos that I used to copy and move deletes. Can you tell me ways to prevent this problem? I’m very eager to fix this but I don’t know how. I need your help.

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Multiple duplicates when moving memos in my email


Hallo Greg Murphy,

Since you had moved the memos into one single folder, then when you delete the main folder that contains the other memos then they will all be deleted. You will need to separate the folders in case you want some memos deleted while others are left, and I am sure if you can do that on the receiving side but you can just try.

Otherwise you just save yourself some trouble by sending the memos differently instead of grouping them all in a single folder so that to avoid problems that arise when you only need to delete one memo.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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