Mswmm file: error message appeared

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Hi there!

I need someone to find a solution for me. While opening an mswmm file, an error message appeared on my screen as follows:

"….mswmm was created by a version of windows movie maker that is not supported …" I thought about it and first uninstall the software Movie Maker 2.6 and Microsoft’s latest version of MM 2.2 (not sure though!!), but still had the same results like the previous case.

Again I tried several old files of Movie Maker 2.6 I had and came up with the same error message. I am not understating what is going on? Is there any way to edit my files?

Any solutions please?

Thanks in advance.

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Mswmm file: error message appeared


Some time, mswmm files are not friendly with Live Movie Maker because it does not let all the options of old versions.

And if also you copies of all the inspiration files (video clips, photos, sound)…the .mswmm externalize files would be ineffective anyway. 

1) Unobstructed the .mswmm files in the version of Movie Maker that created them and Issue them in the WMV or DV-AVI format.

These recording files should be pleasing with any media player and could be opened in Windows Live Movie Maker as recording clips for use in new projects.

2) Do you have copies of all files (video clips,photos, music)…try to install earlier version of Movie Maker on Win7 that may be agreeable with your .mswmm files.

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Mswmm file: error message appeared


Hi Tymoore

I think you are having trouble with the Microsoft movie maker.

Older versions of windows movie makers are just mere useless for current video editing . You have updated and still problem pertains means .There is some unknown file that is causing you from doing your work . 
There are 1000's of video editing softwares worldwide , If you are very much concerned in doing work regardless of the path . 
Then move on to some other good, efficient and easy video editing solutions.

I personally recommends Ulead Visual Studio Its a very good video editing software is very user friendly . 
Try searching in Google for it and download its trial version and try it from the link below:

Hope that helps solving your issue.

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