MSI Radeon HD R7770 GHz issues

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I just got a MSI Radeon HD R7770 1 GPU in my computer. I installed the driver and connect everything for my dual display, everything works very well. I restarted my computer but when it turned on, the fan in the case spins up and then shuts off. It seems like my computer just suddenly shuts down. And then it will spin up again and then stop again.

I removed the GPU and used the Intel on-boards graphics. I reinstalled all the drivers and turn the computer on. But it is still the same. What could be the issue here?


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MSI Radeon HD R7770 GHz issues


I’ve also experienced this when I was checking somebody’s CPU that has an NVIDIA GeForce AGP video card. All video cards with GPU have a case fan in it to maintain the temperature for the GPU. In my case, the installed video card originally doesn’t have a screw to fasten it in place. The CPU sometimes boot and sometimes don’t that’s why I’m wondering what causes it.

I always press on the video card and other inserted devices to make sure they are in place, try booting it again and it starts. Then after a while when I restart the computer it will again stop booting. I finally learned that it was the unscrewed video card that causes it which I already fixed with a screw and it finally fix the problem.

In your case, try transferring the video card on another slot and try again. Use all available slots to test it. If it still fails, clean the contacting part of the video card with an ordinary pencil eraser. Rub the eraser on both sides just like erasing something on the surface and finish it off with a clean cloth. See image.

When finished, connect it again to the slot and try if it’ll work. If it doesn’t then the video card needs a replacement.

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