MS Visio 2010 with other Microsoft Office Applications

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I’ve been using Visio 2010 for my project proposal. It helps me a lot in making diagrams and able to share complex information about processes and etc. I just want to ask, how can I use Visio 2010 with other Microsoft Office applications? Is it possible right? Please help. Thanks!

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MS Visio 2010 with other Microsoft Office Applications


Sadi, your query is really possible because some of the MS office apps like MS Excel can be used with the application, the problem is that it doesn't go handy with all the office applications.

It is however not very compatible with all the office applications, so will not have very good compilation. It is mostly used for business purposes.

I hope this solves your query


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MS Visio 2010 with other Microsoft Office Applications


Hello Sadi,

Visio 2010 is working smoothly with other Office 2010 software. Here are some points you need considering,

  • You can include Visio diagrams in other Office files.
    Highly informative Visio diagrams can be inserted into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Outlook e-mail messages, Microsoft Word documents, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
  • You can edit Visio diagrams from within other Office applications.
    After you have embedded a Visio diagram in an Office file, you can edit that  diagram itself without going back to your original diagram. Just double-click and open the diagram, you will then have access to the Visio editing interface and make changes as your wish.
  • You can transfer a PowerPoint color scheme into a Visio's diagram.
    Making your diagram in PowerPoint and afterwards applying the slide's color scheme to the diagram will give your it  the similar look as the slide.
  • You can link to data in Access databases or Excel spreadsheets.
  • From Outlook data, you can create a calendar in Visio.

Follow this link to learn more about Visio. []

Hope this will clear your doubts.


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