MS OBDC Package Installation Error

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Hi there all Oracle gurus,

I was facing a little problem while I was installing ODBC driver for Oracle 5.0. To rectify it, I tried different versions of ODBC drivers. I downloaded it from various sites some from Oracle pages, but none of them proceeded further than this error.

I couldn’t do any other search regarding this error because it is an unspecified error and I am not able to work out why this occurred. I was thinking that what would I post to ask someone to sort out this problem.

But what all I did is mentioned in this post. Yes one more thing, I have had this one installed on another PC with a friend I cloned his drive to mine and then uninstalled OBDC drivers from it and then start the installation again, but again it gave the same error.

Can please someone help me out for how can I can get rid of this error.


If you use Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle, this is the message you will get:

Package error

Unspecified error

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MS OBDC Package Installation Error


Hi Ashly, 

Actually Microsoft does not provide a stand-alone installation package for the ODBC components and drivers. You can get it as part of the Microsoft Data Access Components(MDAC).

to get the installation package. This package will provide you different components and drivers of ODBC so that you can use Oracle database properly.

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MS OBDC Package Installation Error


Hello Ashly,

First of all the problem is not described so well, because we need to know about your operating system. It’s sure that it is a window base operating system but if you informed which one that would be an advantage.

Now as you told us that you already used a clone in your machine so I want to say that please use a registry cleaner and clean if there is anything left in the registry of MS-ODBC. Also you can check registry manually and then you can clean it. You can get the related information in KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE than SOFTWARE than ODBC. Otherwise you should try to install this in a fresh installed operating system.

Please keep us inform about the result.

Thank you,

Riley weaver.


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