Mozilla Firefox 33.0 beta verses Mozilla Firefox 32.0.3 Browser Version

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What makes Mozilla Firefox 33.0 beta Browser version distinctive from Mozilla Firefox 32.0.3 Browser version? I am making a little research on these two browser versions and I would wish to a little assistance in terms of information. I am a girl of 17 years old in a second cycle institution in western part of Africa. Thank you.

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Mozilla Firefox 33.0 beta verses Mozilla Firefox 32.0.3 Browser Version



Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers all over the world. There are many differences between beta and stable releases of Firefox. Here’s the differences.

Beta versions are on testing stage. They’re still on development, released for testing purpose. Users using them sends information to Mozilla Developer Team, they analyze the information and find out more fixes for Firefox that they adds to next release. Thus, after a long time of development, they come to release the next stable version that contains all the fixes and stability gained from the beta releases. The stable release also contains many new features that was fixed during the beta stage.

Firefox 33.0 beta is still on development. There are many changes made into its core system. Maybe a normal user can’t understand the difference, but experts can. There are many extension trouble, page crash or other types of troubles inside it that could be hardly understood but happens occasionally.

Firefox 32.0.3 is the latest stable release that doesn’t contain any trouble. Though you might face problem, it will be on very rare case.

If you love Mozilla and their effort, you should help them by using the beta release to provide them more information about the newly developing browser and speed up releasing the next stable browser.

If you wish to use internet generally, you can use the stable edition. You’re free to make your own choice.

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