Moving the whole folder through Bluetooth

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Is it possible to move a whole folder to a mobile device (Samsung, LG or Sony Ericsson) to another using a Bluetooth only?

How long will it take if it's possible?

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Moving the whole folder through Bluetooth


Hey Jonathan Caldwell!

Yes it is possible that you can send a complete folder from one device to another device Via Bluetooth. Suppose you want to send a complete folder from your Laptop or PC to your Samsung, LG, or Sony Ericson mobile. Just press right click on that particular folder and select "Send To". It will open a new list, from that list, select Bluetooth. Your PC or Laptop will search for the Bluetooth of your Cell Phone and once it recognized the Bluetooth of your cell phone, you will be able to send it Via Bluetooth.

Same is the case with Mobile to Mobile Bluetooth. Select the folder on your mobile phone and press the options button. You will see the option of "Send" select it, and select Bluetooth. Your mobile will search for the other Bluetooth mobile in range. Once discovered the other phone, it will send the folder.

However, in some cases you have to install some applications like device manager or file manager in your mobile to send the complete folder.

Nothing could be said about how much time will it take, because it depends on the size of folder. Larger the size of the folder, more time it will take.


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Moving the whole folder through Bluetooth


Thanks for providing such useful information about the mobile app device manager.

My friends always ask me to send the songs which i always kept as folder.

When i send the whole files as marked, connection get hanged.

Now everything is perfect… its really a great application.

Thanks Tunaco. And to

Thumps up!

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