Mouse Cursor keeps on vibrating

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I’ve got a problem with my mouse cursor. It is vibrating itself even without touching it. I already unplug it and then restart my computer and plug it back but it is still the same. What could be the problem? Any help will do. Thanks.

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Mouse Cursor keeps on vibrating



This problem occurs because your personal computer is very old. Your processor cannot work with average speed. If you think that your PC is new then try these steps

Step 1:

Go to start and then settings and then control panel and then mouse

Step 2:

In that phase you can change the mouse speed and increase the motion by using pointer option. Thanks.    

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Mouse Cursor keeps on vibrating


Dear Jade,

There's nothing wrong with your PC or your processor or how old it is. This has happened to me before. It's a hardware problem regarding your mouse, not your PC. You didn't mention, but you either have an optical mouse or a laser mouse.

The optical one emits a red beam that you can see as for the laser one, it emits and infrared one that you can't see with the naked eye. In both cases you either have dust on your lens (that emits the beam) or it is very dirty and you should clean it with a piece of cloth.

If this problem persists than you should think about changing your mouse-pad (or the material your mouse sits on), some mice don't support some types of material (especially glass).

If you still have issues after following these steps then you should think about upgrading your mouse to a more quality oriented one that has a better and more precise tracking system.

I hope this helps.

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