Mouse and Keyboard problem on changing OS from Vista to Windows 7

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I installed R/C last night, when it finished installing from 32 bit Vista to Windows 7, the final rest loads and from that point I cannot use either my mouse or my keyboard.

I have tried resolving this problem by plugging them into every USB slot and at times I have tried restarting the computer but this has not solved the problem. I also tried the option of reinstalling Windows 7 afresh, but the problem has persisted. At first I thought I did not install Windows properly but after installation of the OS again the problem persisted.

One being a Microsoft keyboard that. The keyboard does work when choosing between the different loadup options, but still doesn't work in safe mode. When I try to reinstall either Vista with my bootup CD or with the copy of Windows XP I have, it starts the loadup, but keeps getting the blue screen before the installation even starts. Kind of stuck as to what to do.

Hopefully someone here has an idea. Thanks for any help. I have not been able to use my computer for the last one week and I would appreciate anybody who will offer me some help. I am counting on the support the members of this organization.

Peter 12

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Mouse and Keyboard problem on changing OS from Vista to Windows 7


Hello Peter!

Since plugging them into different USB slots did not resolve this problem, there must be something else causing it. I am assuming that it worked just fined before changing your Windows Vista to Windows 7.

I doubt that entering Safe Mode will make much of a difference because this is a fresh install of Windows 7. Have you also checked if they both work on a different computer? (preferably another Windows 7 computer). Here are a few steps you can try to fix the problem you are currently experiencing.

Each of these solutions can be tried and these are not set into any particular order:

  • When unplugging and plugging the cord into the USB slots, you have to wait a few seconds before trying to move the mouse of type on the keyboard. The computer will first try to detect them so plugging it and immediately trying it out will not show any good result. Allow a few seconds before moving on to the next USB port. If none of these ports work, unplug your keyboard and mouse and shut down your computer. Turn it back on without the keyboard and mouse plugged in. When Windows completely loads, plug in one of your devices and wait for it to be detected. The computer should be able to detect it and auto-configure itself to work.
  • When trying different USB slots, do this one device at a time. If you have other devices plugged into a USB slot (like external hard drives, webcams, microphone, etc.) remove them before testing your mouse and keyboard. Also remember to test only the mouse or only the keyboard while doing this and again wait for a few seconds to allow windows to detect your device.
  • If your problems still continues and you have a PS 2 port, shut down your computer completely and try using a keyboard and a mouse that uses these ports. Allow windows to load and see if they are working properly.
  • Another thing that you should notice is if the keyboard and mouse lights up when you boot up your computer. Does the Num lock key light up? And can you turn the light off by pressing it again? This can indicate that your keyboard is fine and that your computer just lacks the drivers necessary to make them run properly.
  • Try entering your BIOS settings and see if they are detected properly. The settings should be set to “Enabled”. Also, this is another proof that your keyboard is working fine since you able to enter the settings and safe mode like you mentioned earlier.
  • Reboot your computer and go to the menu where you choose Safe Mode, but this time choose Last Known Good Configuration. See if you are able to use your mouse and keyboard in that configuration. This would indicate that a change has been made that blocked the use of your keyboard and mouse.
  • Reboot your computer and this time select “Boot with Debug”, this will debug your system and can enable your mouse and keyboard to work again.

If all else fails, run your recovery disk and if that doesn’t work you may want to try to install Windows 7 again. I hope the solutions helped you.

Good Luck!

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Mouse and Keyboard problem on changing OS from Vista to Windows 7


Hello Peter,

It is pretty much clear that the problem start since you have installed Microsoft Windows 7. So as basic option you have no need to verify mouse or keyboard. Well I think while installation a screen appears regarding identification of mouse and keyboard but you didn’t noticed it that time. The problem picture shows that problem is with Windows 7 that is not identifying the hardware changes regarding both devices. Try some latest mouse or keyboard if they work then you have these few options.

1. Either switches back to Windows Vista.
2. Try finding compatible drivers of the both devices (which is very rear) for Windows 7.
3. Just change the mouse and the keyboard.

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