Mouse and Keyboard Failure on ThinkPad 520 laptop

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I have severally had my ThinkPad 520 laptop, which has a 64-bit system, freeze. During the occurrences, the mouse and the keyboard could not work. This problem with my ThinkPad 520 laptop began at a time when I was viewing a movie using Mozilla which required me to install Adobe Flash. The next time the mouse and keyboard problem with ThinkPad 520 laptop occurred I was preparing a presentation using Libre Office. The message on the syslog was “I cannot attach the whole file”. It seems that there is conflict with Alsa player. I think the issue is a problem of Ubuntu installation though I can’t tell what it really is. Please advise me.

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Mouse and Keyboard Failure on ThinkPad 520 laptop


The mouse and keyboard may be failing to be detected because of the following reasons:

  • Their ports have failed. Those may be the either the mouse and keyboard ports or the ports on the computer where the mouse and keyboards are connected. You may therefore need to replace those ports just in case they have worn out completely.
  • It may also be a temporary failure of the two devices, and therefore you should try restarting the computer and see if they will resume working.
  • You may also need to check the device manager and make sure the USB drivers have been installed for their absence might be the other possible cause of the problem.



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