Mouse and Keyboard Acting weird

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I have a HP pavilion computer with Microsoft windows vista installed on it.

Well recently I updated my windows using system update and after that I am experiencing a problem with my mouse and keyboard.

The problem is that my cursor moves randomly on the screen in sometimes little or large jumps also I am experiencing that the text moves to random lines sometimes.

Well I know its not a hardware issue since both the keyboard and mouse were working fine before the update and started this right after it.

Please help as I need my old computer back.

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Mouse and Keyboard Acting weird


Hello Sawyer,

When you are installing new drivers on your computer, you have to check the settings. So at least you may see what will you set for your mouse. Because sometimes when changing of drivers, having newly updates it will automatically change the settings. Then in your keyboard just plug it then restart your computer, then you may also scan your drivers for your keyboard. I have here 6 solutions for you to fix your problem. Kindly do any of the following, you may also do one by one till the right solution will do for you.

Method 1:

–> Checking of your mouse speed.
You have to decrease the speed of your mouse. Maybe it is in a Fast Speed that's why the cursor jumping to other way. Here's the steps:

Step 1 – Press the Windows key, -> and kindly select the following below.

a. Click Control Panel.
b. Click the Printers and Other Hardware category.
c. Click Mouse icon.

Step 2 – In the Buttons tab, look for the Double-click speed. Set it to the middle point.

Step 3 – Click Apply and OK button then you may restart your computer.

Method 2:

–> If you are using a wireless mouse and the cursor begin to jump in other way. Low battery maybe the cause of that. Change the batteries, then check the mouse. If it is doesn't resolve. Try to so the next step.

Method 3:

–> Also update the driver for your mouse. Follow these steps:

Step 1- Right-click My computer, -> then click Properties.

Step 2 – Click the Hardware tab, -> and click the Device Manager.

Step 3 – Select Mice and other pointing devices, -> then right-click it and select scan for hardware changes. It will install an updates for mouse driver.

Method 4:

–> Uncheck the hide cursor while typing to avoid jumping. Follow the steps:

Step 1 – Press Windows key, -> click Control panel.

Step 2 – Click Printers and other hardware category, -> then click mouse.

Step 3 – Click the Pointer Option tab then uncheck the "hide pointer while typing" under Visibility.

Step 4 – Click Apply and OK button then restart your computer.

Method 5:

–> If you are using animation cursor, better to remove it. Use a default cursor, because animation cursor may cause your problem. How to default your cursor? Follow this steps:

Step 1 – Press the Windows key, -> click Control Panel.

Step 2- Click Printers and Other Hardware category, -. then click Mouse icon.

Step 3 – Click the Pointers Tab then click Use Default.

Step 4: Click Apply and OK button.

Method 6:

Reinstall your mouse driver to refresh all the system. Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Right-click My computer, -> click Manage.

Step 2 – Click Device Manager and on the Mice and other pointing devices.

Step 3 – Right click the compliant mouse select Uninstall and it will take for a few seconds.

Step 4 – Then now click Action Tab select scan for hardware changes.

Step 5 – The system will detect your mouse, -> and it will reinstall mouse driver.

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Mouse and Keyboard Acting weird


It's because of the reason that your new update is not working properly it may be using more resources from your processor,and you processor is a little week, and it take times to complete the process and that why when you try to do so many work at the same time it hangs up and comes after some while.

It may be problem in your hardware also you can set hardware problem in such a way:

Go to Device Manager and then go to mouse right click on it and then click disable, now again enable it with the keyboard.

You have to do the same thing with your keyboard. What will happen with this is it will update the status of the device you are using and may does not cause of the problem you are facing.

See that all other functions are working fine because it may be the problem in your power supply.

So check it also and I hope you will find the problem and are now able to solve it.

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