Mountain lion server md5 verification for originality

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Hi there,

I recently downloaded a dmg file from the apple iTunes store.

The dmg file is labeled as the Mac OS X Mountain lion server edition. I have heard rumors that there are some fake dmg's on the iTunes store and that apple sometimes overlook them. I have contacted apple and they have assured my to verify the originality of any dmg file downloaded from the iTunes store can be made by sending them the md5 code of the dmg file.

Therefore I need a software that could generate mountain lion server md5 code for my dmg file.

Thank you.

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Mountain lion server md5 verification for originality


Hi there Kelley Franklin,

There is no need to look for any third party software as you already have everything you need on your system.

Open the terminal and input one of the following lines:

md5 filename.dmg

openssl md5 filename.dmg


(Replace filename with the real name of the file you are checking).

No matter what command you choose you will get a line saying something like this in return:

MD5(filename.dmg)= *huge number*

The huge number is the MD5 hash code that you Customer Support Service needs in order to check the product you bought.

Best regards,
Drake Vivian


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