Motherboard comes up to 56-58*

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My traded Packard Bell Easy Note GN45 Skype Edition laptop get a low constant fan noise instead of the high fast (for about 3 seconds) after the CPU temp goes up and it will cool if it will be turns off.

It has a 30 degrees Celsius when it is in an IDLE MODE without any heavy programs. I already tried the monitor, CPU, HDD and Motherboard degrees to a Speed Fan with a degrees of 45* for the Motherboard, 42* for the HDD and 33* for the CPU.

While I’m playing some heavy games the degrees of the motherboard comes up to 56-58*, 40 on the CPU and 49 on the HDD. The 1 fan of the PC was placed on the CPU. Do you have some help on how could I fix this problem?

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Motherboard comes up to 56-58*


To be able to fix the issue with your motherboard constantly overheating, you will first of all need figure out where that heat is coming from. When there is no air flow then it means that there is no heat transfer, and therefore you will need to figure out where the air vents are on the  computer. Check to find out if they blowing hot air, or if the air is there barely a breeze even in the cases where the fan has been overtaxed.

Most commonly,  you will find that the accumulation of dust in the vents and also fans which will occurs through the cooling channels will be the main reason as to air flow will be restricted, and therefore you will need to try cleaning it out . You will need to turn you laptop upside-down and then see what is in there.


-Mathew Stone


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