Modem Issues :Modem Restarts Randomly And Disconnects Itself Suddenly.

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My modem is restarting randomly and Wi-Fi disconnects from my laptop continuously without any fault. What should I do to connect to Wi-Fi router or prevent it from restarting.

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Modem Issues :Modem Restarts Randomly And Disconnects Itself Suddenly.


Hello sir,

I understand your problem. First you have to check all the wires which are connected to the modem like LAN cable and modem plug and make sure all the wires and cables should be connected properly.

So if your laptop still doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi then you have to connect the LAN cable to your laptop and other end to your adsl router.

Open your browser and then type ip address which is( in the address bar of your browser and then a pop up window will occur to enter the username and password.

Default username and password is admin for both.

Check the settings of LAN it should be as same as below:

This is for internet settings which has to be same as in this screenshot below:

Wireless settings should be also same for your router and you can change the authentication type and password too according to you.

Now, just save all the settings you have changed and then connect your laptop to wifi and enjoy the surfing.


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