Mobile Phone that is best for Internet Surfing

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Hello to all Techyv Experts! I have some questions that require ideas from each of you. What Android phone can you suggest that comes with a mouse like cursor or a track pad? And also, what mobile phone is best for internet browsing, good quality videos and multimedia features? I need some suggestions. Please cite some specifications too. Thanks.

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Mobile Phone that is best for Internet Surfing


Hi Patricia,

Do you have any price limit? If none, I suggest you to buy iPhone. It is still the best phone with high quality in terms of internet browsing, videos and other multimedia application. Iphone is the most favorite phone of all time. Very easy to access, it has all that you are looking for. This is very useful in internet browsing, watching vidoes/ movies/mtv, songs, games and a lot more.

However, if you are looking for  a cheaper phone which you can use for internet browsing, I recommend Samsung M500. It is also one of the best phone it terms of internet browsing. You can watch TV/videos and download songs.It has built in wap 2.0 for high speed internet browsing. You can also customize graphics, send and receive video mails and a lot more.

So if money is not a problem to you, I recommend iPhone which is the number phone in the market. But if you don't have enough money to afford iPhone, Samsung M500 would be great. Cheaper but still can use in web browsing.


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Mobile Phone that is best for Internet Surfing


Hello Patricia,

I will answer your question about the best for internet browsing, which has the best quality for videos and multimedia features. The best phone that I will recommend is the Samsung Galaxy 4G Smartphone which has the following special features:

  • It offers a faster downloading speed and uploading speed, and web browsing is at 4G speeds
  • It has support for video chatting at high speeds without buffering problems.
  • It has a very high speed 1.0 GHz Processor which accelerates the phones capability for multitasking
  • I has a responsive and  a very Brilliant and clear Display.

The following is an image of how the mobile phone looks:


Lee Hung

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