Mobile connection error due to APN

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When I want to open my network connection from Vodafone Mobile this error appears. I have verified the APN and they are correct inserted. Why is not working anymore ? Can anyone tell me please what I did wrong ?

Thanks !

Mobile Connection Error

Could not open network connection.

Check that the APN, user name and password in the current connection settings are correct.

If the problem persists, please try deleting the current connection settings, and re-starting the application.


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Mobile connection error due to APN



Your solution is almost given in your error. However, you probably need to do one or two more steps. Follow the instructions below:

1. Manually download and install the driver software for your specific device.

2. Restart if it requires you to do so.

3. Delete your network setting completely.

4. Set it up again with proper name, password and APN.

5. Now connect your phone and try to use the network.

Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

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Mobile connection error due to APN


If you are connecting to the internet via a USB stick or a mobile broadband USB modem, you need to check the signal first. This method of connecting to the internet is just like with a cellphone or Smartphone that relies solely on signal strength. If your signal is weak or fluctuating, your connection to the internet is like 50/50.

If your signal is weak, transfer to a different location where signal reception is strong. You can also use a USB extension cable so you can place the USB stick to a higher position like a window. If this doesn’t help, check your username and password and verify your account is active.

If your internet is on a monthly subscription, verify that your account is still active and you have no pending bill. If the problem continues, get the correct modem settings again from the network provider. Contact your network provider for assistance.

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