MkLinux vs m68k Linux for apple computers

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Is it advisable for me to use MkLinux or m68k Linux? I have an Apple computer and I wanna know which OS is best suited or more compatible with Apple.

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MkLinux vs m68k Linux for apple computers


No just stay with your Mac  OS X is the newest of Apple Inc.'s Mac OS line of operating systems. Although it is officially designated as simply "version 10" of the Mac OS, it has a history largely independent of the earlier Mac OS releases.

MkLinux is a project begun by the OSF Research Institute (now Silicomp RI) and Apple Computer to port Linux, a freely distributed UNIX-like operating system, to a variety of Power Macintosh platforms running on top of OSF Research Institute's implementation of the Mach microkernel.Beginning in the summer of 1998, development work on MkLinux transitioned from Apple and OSF to a community-led effort.                                                                  

Linux/m68k is a project to build a monolithic Linux kernel for 680×0 systems. It has no connection with Apple or the OG/OSF (as a matter of fact, Apple, unlike many other manufacturers, has been downright unhelpful with the m68k Linux port).

Unfortunately, the use by some of the term "MacLinux" has added to the confusion and made a lot of people think that MkLinux and Linux/m68k on the Macintosh are the same project. They aren't. Not even close.


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