Missing Image after Scanning in Epson 1610 Scanner

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Performance of my Epson 1610 Scanner was fine until yesterday. I made no change in pc settings or scanner settings and running on XP. But suddenly I am facing a serious problem with it.  The problem is that the scanner is not delivering the full scanning image or even sometimes showing only a blank image. I have already tried with another pc and uninstall/reinstall the driver software but not getting any result. Warranty period of the scanner has also gone. Is there any repairing process available? Please share your experience with me to choose either repairing option or buying a new one. 

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Missing Image after Scanning in Epson 1610 Scanner



Hello Watson!

From what I understand, your scanner was working fine until it started scanning incomplete and blank images.  It was good that you have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver software, that makes diagnosing the problem easier.  Since you already have tried different PCs there is a huge possibility that the problem is with the scanner itself.

Here are some solutions that may help you with this problem:

  1. Have you tried using the scanner directly with the software it came with?  Try using different applications or software.  Like Photoshop, Corel, Paint and other graphic oriented programs.  See if you still get the same results.
  2. When you reinstalled the drivers, did you download the latest driver version of your scanner?  If you simply used the one that came with the scanner it won’t help much with the situation.  If you did then there is a high chance that the scanner itself is the problem.
  3. During the reinstallation of the drivers or software.  Make sure you disconnect the device fully and uninstall using the “Add/Remove Programs” in your “Control Panel”.  After uninstalling, reboot your computer.  Reconnect the scanner and follow the instructions that automatically appear when new hardware is detected.  Use the new driver if necessary or if there is one available.  See if this solves your problem.
  4. Try using a different USB cord and see if there are changes.  Also, try connecting it to a faster USB port if it isn’t in one already.  (USB ports at the back are much faster than the ones in front).
  5. Does your scanner light go off from time to time, if so this may be a hardware problem and will need physical repairs or parts replacement, it would also help me a lot to know how old your scanner is.
  6. Clean the exterior of your scanner and make sure it is free from accumulating dust.  Check if your scanner gets hot after a short time being on, this could be the result of a hardware failure.
  7. This next solution worked the most for people experiencing the same problem you have.  Remove the scanner connectors from the back of the scanner itself.  Spray the connectors (the head) with rubbing alcohol or contact cleaner and wipe it dry.  Also spray the back of the scanner (where the connector connects to) with rubbing alcohol or contact cleaner and wipe it dry.  Reconnect the connectors and try using the scanner again.
  8. If all else fails, contact EPSON tech support, they will diagnose your scanner for hardware problems even though your warranty has expired

I really hope these solutions help, especially number 7, which is the simplest solution.  You can also try this solution first since it is the easiest step to do.  Believe it or not, sometimes the best solution isn’t the most difficult one.

I hope this helps, I’m looking forward to your response if it works or not.

Good Luck and Have a Good Day!

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