Microsoft word professionalism in performing their duties

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As we know that the Microsoft word computer program to perform the task of writing a report in writing. But the current, Microsoft word not only be used for typing, but also edit images.

Is Microsoft "word" will have a dual function? Microsoft would not make a program should be devoted to editing images?

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Microsoft word professionalism in performing their duties


You are correct. It is possible to use Microsoft Word to edit images. Microsoft has an application such as the Microsoft Photo Editor that comes with MS-Office 97 for Windows XP versions. It has been replenished with Ms Picture Manager on the latest Windows versions but it has fewer features compared to Photo Editor. The Photo Editor can be use to customize texture, gamma, transparency and a lot more.

You can find the tutorial here

Microsoft Photo Info is the newest Windows add-in for passion in photography. Several image-editing software allows you to edit metadata but if you want to try it, below are its features:

  • Allows you to view or edit photo metadata in Windows Explorer.
  • Modify the images one by one or as a group. You can edit Photo Info on two different modes either by doing it one by one or as a group that makes it easy to update a set of images all at the same time.
  • Customize the images separately or the entire collection. Photo Info edit modes can be individual or collection to make it easier to update various images all at the same time.
  • Instantly recall location info. Photo Info can help you save time on entering information about the photo. You can go back to the photo details by selecting the location name under the drop-down menu.
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Microsoft word professionalism in performing their duties


Microsoft Word was not created for editing images at all. The main function of MS Word is typing. Ms Word comes with a wide rage of spelling, grammar, or style corrections, many tools made for helping us when we want to create articles. Because of this fact, we can say that MS Word was created for typing. If you want, you can use Photoshop if you want the best image editor available. However, you can do a few things in Ms Word when you want to edit an image. Here are some things you can do:

1. Corp a picture

2. Resize pictures

3. Format a picture

4. Draw objects

5. Ungrouped objects if text and graphics are grouped.

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