Microsoft Visual Studio Multiple errors occurred during the operation

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Hi there,

When I want to load a project in Microsoft Visual Studio this error appears. This project that I want to load is made by a friend of mine on his PC and I think that might be the problem. Is the problem that is causing the error ? Is there a chance to load this project from my PC ?

Thank you !

Microsoft Visual Studio

Multiple errors occurred during the operation, the first of which is displayed below. A full error list is available in the Output Window.

Could not find a part of the path “Z:DevDotNetPersonalTfs”.

OK Help

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Microsoft Visual Studio Multiple errors occurred during the operation


The Microsoft Visual Studio file that came from your friend may contain objects, links, or paths that points to personalized or customized profile or a path or a link that directs to his or her own drive which obviously will not be available to you when you load the file. Like for example, the path indicated in the error message.

It is possible that that path contained in the file may be located on the network where your friend’s workstation or computer is connected. If you load the file on your computer, Microsoft Visual Studio will check the file for validity. When the program sees the path in the file, it will check it if it is available on your computer.

But since the file was created by a different person and the path it contains is pointing to that person’s own drive or network then it will be thrown as an error since it is unreachable on your computer. To fix the problem with that path, replace it with the path that can be accessed by your computer and it should access the same files or folders similar to your friend.

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