Microsoft Visual Studio installing add-in error

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This morning I tried to run Visual Studio but suddenly this error popped-up. The software worked fine yesterday and I am a little bit angry to this error. I reinstalled the Visual Studio and worked just fine until I rebooted my laptop. Does anyone have any idea how this error can be solved ? Please help !

Thank you !

Microsoft Visual Studio

The Add-in ‘MyADDIN1 – No Nme provided.’ Failed load or caused an exception.

Would you like to remove this Add-in?

If you chose yes, the file it was loaded from

‘C:UsersCarlosDocumentsVisual Studio 2005AddinsMyAdd1 –

For Testing.AddIn’, will be renamed.

Error Message:

Error number: 8013101b

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Microsoft Visual Studio installing add-in error



Such issue will appear if the add-in is being compiled with such a CLR version that is higher than the supported version of your Visual Studio. For example, add-in created with VS 2012 and CLR 4.0 and the add-in is on practice to load on VS 2008 with CLR 2.0, such issue will appear.

Only you’ll have to do is update your Visual Studio to the latest version, Visual Studio 2013 and install latest .NET Framework 4.5.1. Thus, you can work with the add-in.

If you’re desperate, you should try to find an older version of the add-in from the manufacturer’s website.

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