Microsoft Visual Studio error in Silverlight

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Hi tech savvy,

When I am trying to build an application in Silverlight which communicates with Windows Azure, I ended up with the below error message. For your information I am using windows Azure .NE SDK. The problem triggered when I try to add the Azure runtime as reference in Visual Studio. Silverlight projects will not work with others? Please explain. Thanks a lot.

You can’t add a reference to Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient.dll as it was not built against the Silverlight runtime. Silverlight projects will only work with Silverlight assemblies.

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Microsoft Visual Studio error in Silverlight


Hello Jimmie,

You may already know that the format of Silverlight assembly is slightly different than the straight forward .Net. So while you were trying to use Add Reference Silverlight project to simple .Net assembly that didn't work at all and instead you were seeing that error message.

To solve this for all the non-silverlight assemblies they need only to be references to the backend projects. Silverlight project uses a webservice to communicate with the server, and the server then can use the full .Net/Azure assemblies.

In case, if you are working on the client end then you have to write yourself a custom COM DLL that can communicate with the Azure assemblies. In that case you have to run your silverlight app out of browser.

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