Microsoft Visual Basic error file not found ieframe.dll

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Hi experts,

When I try to run a project in Visual basic, I ended up with an error message. I am a beginner in this field so I having really a hard time now. While the installation went pretty well and good without any problem, but now I got this error message. How do I fix this missing dll file? Please enrich me with some ideas. Help please. Thanks in advance.


Microsoft Visual Basic

The file ‘C:WINDOWSsystemieframe.dll’ was not registerable as an ActiveX Component

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Microsoft Visual Basic error file not found ieframe.dll



This error generates because “regsvr32” fails because .NET assembly is actually not a COM component and so doesn’t export the “DLLRegisterServer” function.

In order to register your DLL file, you have to use “regasm” command.

Open a Command Prompt, run the following code:

Regasm “mydll.dll” /codebase

The “/codebase” will make Regasm to input the path of the DLL in the “InProcServer32” subkey in the registry.

Now, your error should disappear.

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Microsoft Visual Basic error file not found ieframe.dll


This error sometimes happens when compiling a program and you are switching from one DLL component to the other like from “ieframe.dll” to “shdocvw.dll”. Though I’m not sure if it’ll work since the problem happened in Microsoft Visual Basic, try registering the DLL file using the command “regsvr32”. Click Start, Run, type without quotes “cmd” and hit Enter.

Type without quotes “regsvr32 c:windowssystem32ieframe.dll” and hit Enter. See image.

If it doesn’t work, maybe it’s because the file is already registered since it is also being used by Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you have Microsoft Visual Basic 6 or other version, try reinstalling it. Uninstall Microsoft Visual Basic, restart your computer, and then install it back. After this, even if you try it may not still work and you will still get the same ActiveX component error.

The next thing to do is to re-apply the “shdocvw” control in Microsoft Visual Basic and then re-apply the “shdocvw.dll” and then go back to your program and compile it again. If it works for you, your program will compile successfully.


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