Microsoft’s Windows 9 Interface Vs. Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Interface

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What are the significant and distinct features of Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 interface? What is the concept behind the designing of the interface as compared to Microsoft’s Windows 9 Interface? Which of these two Windows interface has the highest pros and cons over the other comparing to both the phone versions and the PC versions? Thank you.

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Microsoft’s Windows 9 Interface Vs. Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Interface



The followings are approximately of the distinct as well as significant features of Window 8.1 interface to consider:

1. It restores boot-to-desktop again and when paired off with the possibility of configuring the returned Start button to skip to the Start menu-Esquire every single app screen and possibly cease Live Tiles hence, putting up an improved desktop experience

2. It delivers a more seamless overall in terms of transitions hence creating a feeling of supremacy over the UI

3. The 8.1 version of Windows does have an inbuilt search engine called Search Heroes, which has its pages greatly designed to provide beyond merely an app, or web results, however instead offer actions

4. This app also creates several Windowing options for New-Style Apps. This universe is not just providing the bread and butter for us to spread out more than one app on the same screen, but takes into bill the size of windows, horizontal and also exhibit a maximum of four applications given that the display resolution is equal.

It is obvious that one would expect that from the number 8, the next is nine but in this example after Windows 8.1 comes Windows 10 instead. Microsoft determined to develop Windows 10 to address the numerous complaints regarding Windows 8. x family. Windows 10 can be described in one word as comprehensive in that, it forms one platform that unites dozens of devices from small through PCs to game consoles such as Xbox. I would close by saying Microsoft developed Windows 10 entirely different from Windows 8.1.

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