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1. What is MS word?

2. What is paragraph?

3. Describe MS word menu?

4. What is mail merge?

5. What is merge document?

6. What is save as web page?

7. What is auto summaries?

8. What is cross-reference?

9. What is macro?

10. What is letter wizard?

11. What is word count?

12. What is hide guidelines?

13. What is hyperlink?

14. What is past as hyperlink?

15. What is versions?

16. What is customize?

17. What is online collaboration?

18. What is help?

19. What is outline?

20. What is auto text?

21. What is privet table?

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Microsoft Office Question & Solutions


I think you want to learn Ms Word. Well it's quite interesting software in today's world like humans can't leave without oxygen same are the business persons that can't leave without Ms word.

I will answer all your question sequentially so that you can understand all answers simply and quickly.

Q 1. What is Ms Word?

Answer : Weil Ms means Microsoft and word is the part of the software suite called Ms Office. Microsoft Word is a commercial word processor which is designed by software company called Microsoft. It was firstly developed in 1983 for xenix systems.

Then latter many versions were been developed which were easy to use and integrated with many tools. Thus Ms Word is largely used worldwide compared to any other word processor.

Q 2. What is a paragraph?

Answer : When we write a story or an article we divide the sentences into blocks thus each block is called as paragraph. Thus remember paragraph is group of sentences in a article.

Q 3. Describe Ms Word menu?

Answer: Menu is the menu bar in Ms Word which contains options to work on the data. On menu bar the options are:

1. File Menu:-

File Menu contain a drop down list of function like:

  • New – Opens a new document.
  • Open – Opens a previously saved document.
  • Close – Closes the active document but does not quit the application.
  • Save – Save the active document.
  • Save as – Saves the document by giving opportunity for user to choose a perfect location.
  • Page setup – Sets margins, paper size and much more.
  • Print – Prints the active file.
  • Print Preview – It gives the demonstration of the file after print.
  • Exit – Exit the program or close the program.

2. Edit Menu :

Edit menu has following functions:

  • Undo
  • Repeat
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Clear
  • Select All
  • Find
  • Replace

3. View Menu:

View menu has following functions:

  • Normal
  • Page Layout
  • Toolbars
  • Ruler
  • Header and Footer
  • Full Screen
  • Zoom

Q 4. What is mail merge?

Answer: A mail merge is a method of taking a data from database or spreadsheet and inserting it into documents such as letters, mailing labels and name tags.

Q 5. What is merge document?

Answer: As stated above the definition of mail merge, when a document is used to merge by using mail merge is called merge document.

Q 6. What is save as webpage?

Answer: You can use the MS WORD to convert the document into HTML i. e. hyper text markup language (it is the language which is used to create web pages on internet) so that the document could be able to publish on internet.

Q 7. What is auto summarize?

Answer: MS word includes auto summarize option that will automatically create a summary of a document for you. Word will examine the document and highlight the sentences that are more important.

Q 8. What is a cross reference?

Answer: If you are working on a long document such as academic paper you may want the readers to refer another part of your document. Here you can use cross reference feature it will automatically update it, you can also click on cross references in a document to be taken to a reference target.

Q 9. What is macro?

Answer: A macro is a small program or script that automates common tasks. This scripts are usually run within programs and can often be created by a user.

Q 10. What is letter wizard?

Answer: Letter wizard in Microsoft word helps user to create letters quickly and systematically.

Q 11. What is a word count?

Answer: A word count is a small program module fed in ms word program whose work is to count number of words in a document.

Q 12. What is hide grid lines?

Answer: If you think that grid lines in document is not looking good then you can use hide grid line option to hide those grid lines.

Q 13. What is hyperlink?

Answer: Hyperlink means a link which is used to open another document. Hyperlinks are used when one or to documents are needed to link with each other.

Q 14. What is past as hyperlink?

Answer: The past as hyperlink option in word is usually used for linking different pages/sections with in same document.

Q 15. What is versions?

Answer: When Microsoft developed MS word or MS office it gives a primary name to that software so when they updated or created new software, to make difference between old and new software it place versions.

Like MS WORD version 5.6 and after creating a new it gave it name as MS WORD version 5.7. Thus using version we can make difference between both old and new software.

Q 16. What is customize?

Answer: Word is a software which contains many tools and features. But word has designed to allow users to customize what is displayed and how it responds to your input. Using customize you can avoid frustration.

Q 17. What is online collaboration?

Answer: When the term comes document one will need to share to discuss and to edit as need arrives thus performing these needs using some special tools it is called as online collaboration.

Q 18. What is help?

Answer: Help is one of the most important option that is provided by Microsoft this options contains all needed information regarding the software. It also contains contact information so that user can directly contact the Microsoft to get there issues solved.

Q 19. What is outline?

Answer: You can use this option to create outline of a document. 

Q 20. What is auto text?

Answer: It's a way to insert or type the same thing over and over.

Q 21. What is privet table?

Answer: Private table is used to make the data in the field to be viewed by the person who is the owner of that table.



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