Microsoft Office Outlook Cannot send this item

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At times Microsoft can be a user friendly application and at times really annoying, not knowing how to proceed.

There is an error message which pops up, when I am trying to send an email through Microsoft outlook. I have Microsoft Outlook 2007 installed on Windows Vista OS.

Microsoft Office Outlook

Cannot send this item.

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What is the reason for this message? Is there a way I can prevent getting this error message?

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Microsoft Office Outlook Cannot send this item


Hello Larry Lewis,

First of all, I cannot view your screenshots. I don’t know why, but this could be caused by my settings, firewall restrictions, browser to display such pictures and or it could be a problem with how you uploaded the file.

I will just assume that you are not able to send an email message, using Outlook Express.

I wish you include in your post, what error message you are getting but sadly there was no additional information displayed.

  • Sending caused by invalid server address, SMTP has to be verified if correct, using outgoing settings and port number by your Internet Service Provider.
  • The common error when sending email using email client is, invalid email address, stock outbox and a large attachment file. If this is the issue, delete unsent messages in your outbox and try again.
  • Check with your Internet Service Provider

There you are.

Hope this gives you an idea, on how to fix error messages even though I haven’t provided concrete solutions.


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