Microsoft Office Excel error in Document save

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Hi folks,

I have a scenario here to share to all. I was at work this morning doing some accounting task. I copied a huge worksheet to my Excel and when I saved it, it couldn't be saved because an error message appeared on my screen.

Microsoft Office Excel

Document not saved.

I feel so troubled to see the error message above. When I tried to use the SaveAs I still received the same error message. When I checked on my hard drive space, I still have a lot of space. I don't know now what to do with this error. Please help me folks, thanks.

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Microsoft Office Excel error in Document save


To troubleshoot this issue, follow these steps and hopefully it can help.

  • First is to try saving your file into another location, try to make sure if the file is not on a network, but if it is, try saving it into your local drive, saving it on a network can cause also this issue.
  • Try also checking the file name, to know if it’s in proper length, and try also if the your file is not being shared, it can also cause a conflict with the file and will not be able to save.
  • Try also renaming your file or copy it’s content into another new Excel file and save it.

Hope these tips will help.

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