Microsoft Excel error, not a valid web Archive.

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Hi people,

I am posting here a problem that I will consult to all of you since I am new in using the web function of Microsoft Excel.

Please see below the error message I meet while running Excel.

Microsoft Excel

19q8wvy9G99wqCw2qj8wwh44y29q2w2942hCv8qC [1]’is not a valid web Archive.


Understanding such error message is so hard for me since I am a new user with this function, and I am not also a technical person. I also shared this problem with my office mates, but they are not familiar with such error message.

Please share some ideas on this problem that I encountered.

I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you so much.

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Microsoft Excel error, not a valid web Archive.


Microsoft Excel error, not a valid web Archive

This error occurs when you open a file that has corrupted. Each application has their signature affix to each file created from them so that the application can easily identify if the file being open belongs to that application. If the file formatting is corrupted, the application won’t identify the file anymore unless the file is repaired.

Since the Microsoft Excel document is in XML format the file is identified as web archive.

Try this solution if it works on your part. Sometimes the problem solves by this method. Here’s how, suing the following steps will guide to do the fixing method.

  1. Open your Microsoft Excel Application.
  2. Click the Ribbon then Open icon or click File the Open on the menu bar. Open dialog pops-up on the screen.
  3. Browse for the file to be open and select. The open button will be enabled.
  4. On the open button, you can see an arrow down, just on the right side of the button clicks it and then a pop-up menu appears. Select Open and Repair.

This fix is available to all Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Power Point and many other applications that are in the package of Microsoft Office.

You can’t find any solution about this if you were going to look it at Microsoft Support site. They do not consider this issue as a bug instead this is caused by a corrupted file or corrupted Microsoft Office documents. Most of this happens from the downloaded file.

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