MS-Excel Error: Configuring Excel with Front Page

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I have Microsoft Office installed in my new laptop along with Windows XP 32 bit SP3.

I have a problem regarding Microsoft Excel. I can't seem to open Excel properly. Every time I tried to open Excel, there's a message box shows up with a message "Please wait while Microsoft Office configures with Front Page".

I have tried to wait for some time hoping it will finish but no such luck so I click cancel button.

I tried re-opening Excel again, but the same error message showed up all the time. 

I need to have Excel working soon since I have plenty of work to do. Can anyone tell me what should I do ?

Do I mean should I change the operating system or upgrade the RAM perhaps or maybe it's not compatible?

This problem has occurred for several months now, and I have to use an old laptop that's very slow compared to the new one.

Looking forward to hear about the solve  from all of you guys.



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MS-Excel Error: Configuring Excel with Front Page



That error you are having indicates that something went wrong with the installation of your Microsoft Office Excel.

Some files needed are missing, or they are corrupted, either that error indicated that Microsoft Office is trying to fix the missing and/or corrupted file and needs the original installation disc of your Microsoft Office.

Now what you need to do here is insert your installation disc and try again.

1.   Restart your PC just to be sure.

2.   After, insert your Microsoft Office installation disc.

3.   Run your Microsoft Office Excel again and let it fix the problem for you and wait.

4.   Follow any prompts or instructions if it appears.

You can also repair your installation through Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel:

1.   Go to Start then Control Panel, find Add/Remove Programs.

2.   First insert your Microsoft Office Installation CD.

3.   In Add/Remove Programs, find the installation of your Microsoft Office.

4.   Right-click it and choose Change, a window should appear letting you choose from a few options.

Choose Repair and follow the next instructions.

Or you can also just completely uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office, for more drastic measures, if nothing on the above works.

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MS-Excel Error: Configuring Excel with Front Page


Hello Laurel,

Although you did not indicate the version of your Microsoft Office, I can tell you the best possible solution to fix this problem. 

Solving this problem by using "Fix Software Application" would not help. 

The reason why your Microsoft office doesn't work properly is because of your antivirus program. 

What you need to do is re-install your Microsoft Office, BUT before that you must uninstall all of your Anti-virus program.

(Note: simply turning off the antivirus is not enough)

Steps in order to fix the problem:

1. Uninstall both Microsoft Office and "any" antivirus installed in your computer/laptop.

2. Re-install Microsoft Office 

3. Lastly, re-install your antivirus.

Simply follow this instruction and your problem is solved.

Hope this helps.

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