Microsoft Excel 2007 formula creation help

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I want to have 11 sheets in a workbook. The 1st sheet called "names", the 2nd called "Work 1", 3rd called "Work 2", And so on until the the 11th called "Work 10".

I need to set up a formula so that on sheet Work 1 cell A1 will = cell A1 from the names sheet (i.e. = Names!A1).

Then I want to transfer that formula to the other sheets and the row value to change as the sheets progress (i.e. Work 2 cell A1 would have the formula = Name!A2 and Work 3 cell would have the formula = Name!A3.

I would like this transition to happen easily so that I don't have to go to every sheet and type a formula.

Thanks in advance.

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Microsoft Excel 2007 formula creation help


What you want to do is to copy the formula from one sheet to another to avoid manual multiple work in excel. Go to the active sheet where you want to copy the formula from.

Highlight the cells that contain the formula you want to copy, right click and then choose copy or use the keyboard shortcut(Ctrl+C). Go to the worksheet where you want to copy the formula.

Activate the first cell where you will place the formula and paste it (Ctrl+V for shortcut key) The formula will automatically adjust to accommodate the value of the sheet where it is copied to.

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