Microsoft Excel 2007 AVE (Average) function not working

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Microsoft Excel 2007 AVE (Average) function not working.

I am new in Windows 2007. I previously worked on Lotus 123 and Quattro.

I know that Microsoft Excel and Lotus 123 and Quattro are the same in function.

Why can I not get the exact result when I am getting the average function in Excel 2007?

I got the result #NAME?

What does it mean?

This is the formula: D11 = AVE(D1:D10)

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Microsoft Excel 2007 AVE (Average) function not working


In MS Excel, the correct formula is  =Average(D1:D10)

Try it.

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Microsoft Excel 2007 AVE (Average) function not working


Microsoft Excel 2007 versus Lotus 123 and Quattro average function

I'm not really sure if Lotus 123 and Quattro are still in use today. Yes it is true that Lotus 123 and Quattro have the same function with Microsoft Excel 2007 because they are what we call the electronic spreadsheet.

But off course there are changes as the software innovation is concerned. First of these, the forms or windows are too far from the old Lotus 123 and Quattro system. We are in the GUI (Graphical User Interface) today not on the old system which is called the TBI or the Text Based Interface.

By the way, Microsoft Office Excel has been always integrating the slash (“/”) command in the Lotus 123 environment. You can use the “Slash/Data/Sort” command in Lotus 123. To do the command I have mentioned in Excel, just press the Slash key (“/”) then press the first letter of the command (like for instance Data – press “D”). The “Slash/Data/Sort” should be “/DS”.

The AVE function in Lotus 123 is equivalent to AVERAGE function in Excel. Instead of the formula AVE(D1:D10) use AVERAGE(D1:D10).

That function is commonly mistaken by some Lotus 123 and Quattro users.

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Microsoft Excel 2007 AVE (Average) function not working


It seems that you have used an inconsistent function in MS Excel. If you want to get the average of a data range:

  • Get into the cell where you want the average value.
  • Click on Home tab.
  • Click the down arrow in Sum tool in Editing group. You can see some simple functions in Excel.
  • Select Average from there. Now you have to specify the range of cells where those data are in.
  • Just type the first cell name in the range. Then type a colon. Then the last cell name of the range.
  • Your function looks like =Average(A1:A10)
  • Press the Enter key. You will get the answer.
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Microsoft Excel 2007 AVE (Average) function not working


In Microsoft Office Excel, you normally get error “#NAME?” after entering a formula in a cell when the function or the keyword you entered for the function is incorrect. Like when you entered without quotes “=AVE(D1:D10)” in cell D11, this causes an error on the function you called because there is no function in Microsoft Office Excel called “ave” or “AVE”.

The function you want to call can’t be identified. If you want to call or use the average function to calculate the average value from cell D1 up to cell D10, don’t enter without quotes “ave” because this is not recognized as a function. To use the average function properly, enter the complete name of the function without quotes “average”.

So, to execute the formula properly, in cell D11, enter the formula without quotes “=AVERAGE(D1:D10)” or in lower case “=average(D1:D10)”. This should fix the problem.

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