The Microsoft DLL Error Occuurred

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I would like to gather information about the Microsoft DLL Error and the different ways of solving it. An example is shown below. I would like to know what may cause such an error and how one can solve it. Please keep it simple.

Cannot Load XP configSupport.dll

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The Microsoft DLL Error Occuurred


DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. DLL files are library files associated to their specific applications. These files are the usual components of a program which is normally accessed by Microsoft Visual C++. When a program encounters an error associated to a DLL file, you will always see Microsoft Visual C++ in the message of the dialog box.

Generally, library files are not limited to “.dll” only. Library files are usually in DLL, OCX, and DRV formats. DLL and OCX are library files that have ActiveX controls while DRV are library files for legacy system drivers. Problems in DLL files are not always triggered by the same reason. Sometimes it may be caused by the file getting corrupted or maybe was accidentally deleted.

In cases where a DLL file is missing, the usually remedy is to download the missing DLL file from a website since there are websites dedicated on sharing and allowing free download of different DLL files. If it so happen that the file is not available from any websites you can always try reinstalling the application to restore the missing file.

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