Microsoft business products application service

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I have invested a lot of my time in trying to build and rebuild a conductive environment to illustrate Microsoft business products.

I received this error prompt while trying to come up with an application service and power pivot proxy: “error.

login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITYANONYMOUS LOGON’.”

What could be the problem?



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Microsoft business products application service


The solution of your problem is very simple. You can solve the problem with following steps:

a). Open the SQL Management Studio.

b). From the left Menu side, double click & expand Security option. Then expand Logins. Check that there is a 'NT AUTHORITYIUSR' options. If there is no 'NT AUTHORITYIUSR' option, then this is your main problem. You have to create it to solve the problem.

c). Find Logins options & right click it. Click on the New Users.

d). On the Log-in New dialog box, click Search button (Login… search)

e). The Select User or Group box, click Advanced Button.

f). In the next box/window, click on Find Now > find IUSR within the Search Results. Click on IUSR & click OK.

g). Now, you will see ‘NTAUTHORITYIUSR' in the SQL Management Studio‘s Left side. Right click it & click on Properties.

h). On the Login properties box, under Server Roles, click/check on sysadmin.

i). Click the ‘UserMapping’ option of left panel. Check on your desired database options to access them. From below options, do not forget to click on db_owner.  Click OK.

j). Now, you will be 'NT AUTHORITYIUSR' error Free.


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