Micro Trend Failed Load of URL

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Hi there,

When I want to open the main console this appears and I cannot work with Micro Trend. I don’t know why but my Internet connection is OK and I can load Internet pages just fine. Does anyone have any idea about this ? How can I solve it ?

Thanks !

Load Failed

Load of URL

File:///C:Program%20Files/Trend%20Micro/Titanium/UIFrameworkd=1333021318 failed with error code -6.


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Micro Trend Failed Load of URL


This error has something to do with the user interface of the application. When a program is loading the user interface when it is starting up, it normally calls some image files that will be used for the frame of the application. The frame is adjusted accordingly in the configuration file that will give shape to the application for proper navigation for the users.

If this error is thrown during opening, it is possible that the image being called is corrupted or maybe a problem in the configuration file. This problem is really internal and the best way to fix it is by reinstalling it. But before you do that, try restarting your computer first and then open the program again. If the application runs successfully then there is no need for re-installation.

But if there is really something wrong reinstall the application.

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