MF60 Firmware installer patch error

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Hi there,

I want to update the firmware of my ZTE MF60, and when I click Apply Patch nothing happens. I am stuck with this idea of updating firmware and I cannot do it. Can anyone help me to update this firmware ? Why nothing happens when I click Apply Patch ?

Thank you !

MF60 Firmware installer patch

This program applies a MEMORY ONLY patch to the MF60 firmware installer to skip the version check routine, and optionally install the firmware to be network unlocked.

Read my ZTE MF60 Firmware/unlock Guide

It is designed for firmware installer DL MF60 BP UK EUV1.00.00

Install as unlocked firmware (network unlock)

Apply Patch

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MF60 Firmware installer patch error


First and foremost, let's discuss the notes that I've notice from the photo you posted, It says there that


"This program applies MEMORY ONLY patch", meaning, it can only be done if you have permission to write to your device.


You can try to run the program to administrator mode, here's how you do it:


1. Right click the program

2. Select run as administrator

3. Try patching the program again


Note: unlocking your device must have permission from the office of the owner, do not unlock devices which aren't approved by the company (e.g., ZTE) it is illegal

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