Method on adding users to a domain

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I need someone to assist me with a method I can make use of in adding users to a domain in active directory with Windows Server 2003. I have both the usernames and passwords of all the users and what I have to do is create a new folder for each user and enable full control such that the user can gain access to his own folder with his account from any computer in the network.

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Method on adding users to a domain


Hi Seth,

Please follow below steps on how to add a domain user account in Active Directory.

1. In the Active Directory window, find the domain name where you want to add new users. Expand it by clicking the +sign.

2. Right-click User from the list. Choose New in the context menu that appears. Then click on User from the submenu that will appear

3. Supply all the necessary information of the user in the New Object-User box.  User logon name must not have any spaces in between. Other special characters are not accepted except period(.).

4. Depending on your security requirements, you can check the box: User must change password at next logon. in order for the user to change it when starting to use the said account.

5. Finally, click Finish button.

Active Directory can be found in the Administrative Tools in Control Panel and/or in the Start MenuAdminsitrative ToolsActive Directory.

To Add folder:

1. Go to the Domain where you need to add/configure a folder for a user.

2. Right-click, and then choose New–>Shared Folder  from the context menu.

3. Be sure to write the name of the folder and its exact path or location.

4. Click OK to confirm a selection.

Be sure to add the access right of the user to the folder created respectively.

If you mean home folder then go to

Hope this helps.


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