Memory Availability on a Laptop PC

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My computer has recently begun running slower and when I sign on to a website, many times the computer will give me the message that the site is not available, but when I press F5 it works. 

Is this because I have used too much memory on my computer? 

What is the optimal amount of memory that I should have available on a laptop computer? 

I was debating whether or not to purchase a memory card or trying to free up some memory, but am not sure if this would help.

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Memory Availability on a Laptop PC


Before that you have to tell about ram how much memory your ram has like 1 GB, 2GB etc. you have to tell the laptop brand you have to tell about your processor, another most important thing is that what is your OS (Operating system) windows or anything else?

Do you have anti-virus, maximum time a computer slow down for the affect of virus.

I think it is cause by virus because you mention that “recently your computer has become slower” so if you do not have the anti-virus than buy a antivirus than scan your hole computer with that anti-virus but if you try that already than it is cause by anything else.

Tell in more detail.

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Memory Availability on a Laptop PC


Hi Jnd1225,

I believe it wouldn't be a problem with your memory. For these types of concerns, the first thing that we need to is to clear the cache and cookies of the browser. I have provided an image below on how to clear cache and cookies of a browser.

For Google Chrome:

Click the wrench Icon > Options> Under the Hood > Clear browsing data button > Obliterate the following items from: the beginning of time > Check all boxes > Click Clear browsing data. 

Close and reopen your Google Chrome.

For Firefox:

Tools > Options > Privacy > Clear all current history >Time range to clear: everything > Put a check mark on every box > Clear Now. Close and open your Firefox.

Cookies are bits of information placed on your computer when you browse sites, which many sites have. Sites use these cookies so they can track what visitors are viewing, the website will recognize your computer when you come back to visit that site again.

Do you notice that sometimes when you go back to a specific sites, say for example yahoo mail, you do not need to log in again and type your password?

That is because it is stored  as cookies in your computer and the site automatically identifies it.

Cache helps your browser load faster since it caches the files that are going to be used. Caches are also stored in your computer, mostly in the Temporary Internet files folder. These includes pictures, sound files video files, etc. Some of these files may get corrupted and when you open the site, some contents may not show properly.

Another thing you can do is try using a different browser, to duplicate the issue. If you are only having problems browsing sites on 1 browser and not the other then we may need to check on your browser settings or most likely clear the cache and cookies.

If your computer is slow, there could be a lot of causes like a virus or a threat, another thing is that your computer may be low of memory, also you might want to check your system tray to see if there are hidden icons or programs that are running in your computer that may cause the slow connection. Programs that require internet to run should be disabled from the startup menu. 

Like for example, whenever I turn on my computer, it automatically opens and continues to finish downloading my files. 

To disable this click start > run > type msconfig  > click startup  > look for items that  are check, these checked items open automatically when you start your computer. uncheck those and apply.

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Memory Availability on a Laptop PC


I have concerned about your problem to the some experts. I got some information regarding to your problem to solve this issue. If a laptop pc have more memory in it than it will performing well.

Laptop pc’s are to be restricted about the memory to be installed in laptops.

There is also an other problem sometime occur if a you have a plan to upgrade it for future. So typically you just want about to have an idea about more RAM than to the highest minimum and ideally at least as much as the highest listed here. 2GB, 4GB, 8GB.

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