Media file video format codec error

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While trying to play a media file, I got this error message below:

Your codec version is too old

This video format is not supported
Unable to execute file: regedit
CreateProcess failed; code 2.
The system cannot find the file specified.
Please tell me why this problem occurred. 

How can I fix this?

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Media file video format codec error


Hi Lori Polacek,

The problem is that you are using a media player which is not up to date. Which means the media player doesn't have the tools to decode the video. Codec acts as a decoder between the file and the media player. If you don't have the codec for the file that you have played, then you may have to search for the codec in the internet. Once you have found the codec install it.

If you can't find the right codec please download the VLC Media player or  Media Player classic. These two media players have built-in codec.

Which means you don't have to search for the codec anymore. And also these two media player plays almost all media files.

Hope these helped.


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Media file video format codec error


Good day,

Perhaps your computer does not have the appropriate video codec installed in it.

Video codec is a computer program which is in charge of decoding and encoding a digital video.

One of the most flexible Video players in the market today is the VLC media player, it has the capability to play the following formats MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, MVK, WebM, WMV, AVI, MP3’s and MP4's without installing any codec.

You may also try installing KLCODEC pack. KLCODEC has a compilation of codec that is required to play almost all of the popular audio and video formats.

You may download the software at 



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Media file video format codec error



This error message is one of the indications, which should caution you about virus activity on your computer. To persuade PC users that their computers really have harmed with codecs, this new class of malware, Where Home Code Pack is one of the members, has also been observed to put out of action media players required for watching videos on the impure computer.

Moreover, after showing ‘Your codec version is too old’ alert, intruders look for to spoof their sufferers in more smart and unanticipated way, so be conscious about that!

The user will be forwarded to malicious purchase websites where the user would offer to buy the codec he wants.

This Error message generally emerges when user tries to play some movie. You may also get deceptive messages, trying to make you believe that your computer has issues with codec: “File cannot be played – Codec not found”- “This video cannot be played due to old version of your codecs” and other messages. Moreover, you are expected to gear up for spending money because that is the only way you are advised how to repair the problem. Never caught in this fraud!

I recommend you to install a sound anti-spyware.

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Media file video format codec error


Hi Lori Polacek,

When playing some video with media player some of the video may not show due to the fact that some codes may be missing .

This codes may be downloaded on the codec or you may be able to use media player that has those codes already downloaded .

The codec you are having may be affected by the virus since the virus most of the time affect media player first. The intruder may continue and direct you where to buy the codec  or you may told to pay for the problem to fixed.

Kindly look for spyware that may be able to scan those virus so as not to find yourself in the same trap again

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