Mean By The Term Artificial Intelligence

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What does one mean by the term artificial intelligence? What is the difference between a robust artificial system and the weak artificial system? Can a machine be called intelligent without it having to successfully mimic a human if yes, what is the correct way to go about it?

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Mean By The Term Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is an advancement in the field of science in terms where one can manufacture an intelligent machine. The term intelligent here means a machine that is able to work and react like a human being knowledge engineering and machine learning engineering are two core parts that goes into manufacturing an artificial intelligence machine the former means making a machine capable enough to imitate a human and machine learning is the study of algorithms and statistical data on that a machine uses in order to perform a specific task.

The difference between strong and weak artificial intelligence machine is that the former is that it is widely applied and has a significant scope of application, which is not the same for a weak AI. Yes, a machine can be called intelligent without it having to mimic a human all it has to do successfully pass the turning test, which matches the machine’s ability to human intelligence.

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Mean By The Term Artificial Intelligence


“AI” or “Artificial Intelligence” is the machine’s simulation of human intelligence processes particularly in computer systems. It is the part of computer science that highlights the creation of intelligent machines that react and work like humans. Several of the activities that computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include:

  • Problem solving
  • Planning
  • Speech recognition
  • Learning

Specific applications of artificial intelligence include:

  • Machine vision
  • Expert systems
  • NLP or Natural Language Processing
  • Speech recognition

Artificial intelligence programming centers on three (3) cognitive skills:

  • Learning – with learning processes, the AI programming focuses on obtaining data and creating rules on how to turn the data into actionable information. The rules or algorithms offer computing devices with step-by-step instructions on how to complete a particular task.
  • Reasoning – with reasoning processes, the AI programming centers on selecting the correct algorithm to achieve a desired outcome.
  • Self-correction – with self-correction processes, the AI programming is designed to persistently fine-tune algorithms and guarantee they offer the most accurate results possible.

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